Vanguard REIT Index Fund Admiral Shares (VGSLX)

This fund invests in real estate investment trusts—companies that purchase office buildings, hotels, and other real estate property. REITs have often performed differently than stocks and bonds, so this fund may offer some diversification to a portfolio already made up of stocks and bonds. The fund may distribute dividend income higher than other funds, but it is not without risk. One of the fund’s primary risks is its narrow scope, since it invests solely within the real estate industry and may be more volatile than more broadly diversified stock funds.

Asset Class: Equities - US Stocks
Category: US REITs
Company: Vanguard
Type: Index Fund
Min. Investment: 10,000
Risk Profile: Aggressive
Expense Ratio: .12%
Fees & Expense: Low

Lazy Trader Portfolios (24)

Portfolio Name Lazy Trader % VGSLX Comment
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My Ultimate Simple Yet Safe lazymarc 10%
Coffeehouse Investor's Lazy Portfolio Lazy Insights 10%
the EZ portfolio noname 25%
Rick Ferri Core 4 Portfolio Rick Ferri 10%
Target Retirement 2030 lazymarc 7%
Bernstein Coward's Portfolio Lazy Insights 5%
OZAR FUNDS vegastechie 5%
Juicer Extreme Juicer 10%
MIL wafmil 4%
The Coffeehouse Investor Portfolio by Bill Schultheis Noob 10% REITs for real estate diversification
The Talmud Portfolio - Investing Per Rabbinic Judaism Noob 33% Core REIT - land third
Dr. William Bernstein's Smart Money Portfolio Noob 5% Small REIT allocation
Greg's Traditional IRA Greg 10%
Gone Fishin' raver 10%
Simplicity raver 5%
lazy portfolio one psardinha 4%
Sexy Seven(ty) jkirkmd 10%