Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund Admiral Shares (VBTLX)

Asset Class: Fixed Income - US Bonds
Category: Diversified Bond Funds
Company: Vanguard
Type: Index Fund

Lazy Trader Portfolios (30)

Portfolio Name Lazy Trader % VBTLX Comment
10X10 goalie 10%
Marc's Lazy Portfolio lazymarc 20% Broad exposure to all types of bonds and keeps…
My Daughter's 529 Plan lazymarc 33% stability which compliments the volatile assets…
William Bernstein's No-Brainer Lazy Portfolio Lazy Insights 25%
Morningside's Lazy Portfolio-Feedback welcome! morningside 20%
Dr. William Bernstein's No Brainer Noob 25% Classic core bond holding
5th grader Portfolio nedmario 10% exposure to total US bond market
Lazy & Conservative 2-Fund Solution Noob 75% safety and stability
Coffeehouse Investor's Lazy Portfolio Lazy Insights 40%
Bond Blazer: 5-Fund Risk-Adverse Portfolio Noob 25% Broad-market bond exposure
Lazy 60-30-10 @LazyTraders 10% Also held in my IRA, this fund gives me exposure…
the big EZ portfolio noname 10%
the EZ going portfolio noname 10%
Rick Ferri Core 4 Portfolio Rick Ferri 20%
Target Retirement 2030 lazymarc 7% Held in IRA.
OZAR FUNDS vegastechie 20%
Juicer Extreme Juicer 10%
529 Plan lazymarc 20%
The Coffeehouse Investor Portfolio by Bill Schultheis Noob 40% Total bond fund for various fixed-income exposures
The Talmud Portfolio - Investing Per Rabbinic Judaism Noob 33% Core bonds - reserve third